Limited Conservatorship Seminar California – Los Angeles County

The attorneys at Sirkin Law Group, P.C. have created a free seminar for special needs Limited Conservatorships where parents or family members can find out how to do a limited conservatorship, and what benefits are available to disabled conservatees in California.  Filing for conservatorships in the Los Angeles court can be made easy with this lecture.

Topics which will be covered:

  1.  Regional Center Benefits and Services: The one’s you don’t know about.
  2.  How to become a representative payee of your child’s social security.
  3.  How to get social security benefits for your disabled child.
  4.  How to start a conservatorship for your child who will need conservatorships services in Los Angeles or other counties.
  5.  How to manage an adult child with a disability, mental health issues, or substance or alcohol abuse problems.

Seminar Date:  July  15, 2020 12 p,m.

Location:  Los Angeles County

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Conservatorship Law Seminar – Elder Law Protection Los Angeles California

Conservatorship Law Seminar – Elder Law Protection Los Angeles California

Are you a person who is taking care of an elderly parent?  Does your elder parent need legal financial elder abuse protection?  How do you protect your parent in health and in illness?  Are legal affairs of your parents in order?  From anything such as getting the right medication, medication monitoring, to powers of attorneys, you need to attend a seminar to get the details of what you need to help your parent, but stay sane doing it.

Sirkin Law Group’s legal team has created a series of conservatorship seminars in Los Angeles California for consumers who need their elder law questions answered.  Seminars are easy ways for California consumers to get the information about conservatorships without being obligated to go to a lawyer’s office.   Sirkin Law Group attorneys have made that possible.

Date of the Next Seminar:  December 8, 2018 11a

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There are two different types of conservatorship seminars offered.  Elder Conservatorship Seminar is on the right side of the page.  Register there and enjoy the wealth of information at this free seminar.